25 Ways to use Washi Tape

16th Oct 2020

25 Ways to use Washi Tape

Washi tape is fun to look at, use and is also a cheap alternative to adding colour to your home or belongings. Read below to discover 25 different ways to use washi tape in your home.

  1. Label all of your digital device cords – wrap a piece of washi tape around the charger cords of your devices and write on it what device it is for. This will help you to find the matching cord easily when required.
  2. Cake and cupcake toppers – make tiny buntings from washi tape and string and attach it to two toothpicks or skewers.
  3. Label pencils and stationery – write your child’s name on a piece of washi tape and stick it to their pencils, pens and school books.
  4. Decorate gift tags – stick pieces of washi tape to plain gift tags to personalise your gifts.
  5. Decorate tea light candles – turn boring tea light candles into decorative statement candles by wrapping some washi tape around the external silver canister.
  6. Decorating pegs – cover the peg face with a line of washi tap and use it to hang up cards on string at Christmas time.
  7. Decorate plain wrapping paper – personalise your gifts by decorating some plain wrapping paper with washi tape. Get creative and decorate it in any pattern or print that you like.
  8. Decorate cards - use washi tape to create cards that your friends or family will just adore.
  9. Decorate school books – your kids will love decorating their own school books with washi tape. Cover their books in plain paper and then let them decorate the covers with different coloured washi tape.
  10. Stick posters on walls – cut four pieces of washi tape and then stick them to the corners of any poster or print on a wall.
  11. Mark out events in your diary or calendar – use a piece of washi tape to mark out the consecutive dates in your diary or calendar to give you an overview of what is happening during the week/month.
  12. Decorate vases – add a decorative touch to your vases by sticking some washi tape to the outside in any pattern that you like.
  13. Make wall Art - use strips of washi tape to turn a plain wall into a statement wall. You can create a fun geometric pattern and even a Christmas tree using washi tape.
  14. Decorate envelopes – brighten up your envelopes with some strips of washi tape.
  15. Colour code keys – do you hate trying to find the correct key for your front door? Use strips of washi tape to colour code the tops of your keys to make finding the right key easier.
  16. Decorate your phone case – personalise your phone case by sticking some washi tape strips to the back of it.
  17. Drink tags – use some washi tape strips to label cups at kids birthday parties.
  18. Scrapbooking/photo albums – get creative and decorate your scrapbook pages or photo albums with some washi tape.
  19. Invitations – make plain invitations stand out with some washi tape strips.
  20. A floor race track/town – mark out a toy car race track or town on your floor using different coloured washi tape and watch your kids have fun racing their toy cars around it.
  21. Bookmarks – create bright and beautiful bookmarks using washi tape and some cardboard. You’ll never lose your page again.
  22. Decorate photo frames – brighten up your room and your photos by covering your plain photo frames with washi tape.
  23. Decorate light switches – your kids will love adding colour to their room by decorating the plastic cover of their light switches in washi tape.
  24. Decorate and label water bottles – use washi tape to decorate and label your kids water bottles so they don’t get them mixed up.
  25. Decorate furniture – cover the tops of stools and tables with strips of washi tape to add a pop of colour to your home.

Enjoy decorating your home and belongings with washi tape!



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