50 Free or Cheap School Holiday Activities

16th Oct 2020

50 Free or Cheap School Holiday Activities

Regardless of the weather, you can keep your kids entertained with these fun and cheap school holiday activities.

  1. Walk, ride or drive to a park and play classic games like hide and seek, stuck in the mud, egg and spoon races, duck duck goose and potato sack races
  2. Play a board game that you haven’t played in a long time.
  3. Pack a picnic and drive to a beautiful location.
  4. Make Cloud Dough or Play Dough.
  5. Get creative in the kitchen with your kids and cook a new dish.
  6. Build a cardboard cubby house forte.
  7. Visit your local markets.
  8. Play some musical instruments.
  9. Have a movie day/night at home.
  10. Tell stories with puppets or make your own puppets.
  11. Go for a bush, rainforest or costal walk.
  12. Visit your local swimming pool.
  13. Learn some new ball games.
  14. Create a backyard scavenger hunt.
  15. Camp out in your own backyard.
  16. Look through your photo albums with your kids.
  17. Paint pictures on paper or cheap canvas frames.
  18. Hold craft competitions. Give your kids a handful of crafty bits and bobs and encourage them to use their imagination to create something unique.
  19. Colour in. Print off colouring in sheets and give them to your kids to colour in.
  20. Teach your kids about origami art and make fun paper objects.
  21. Research safe science experiments and recreate them with your children.
  22. Have a minty hunt.
  23. Introduce your kids to gardening.
  24. Take your kids to a beautiful lookout and get them to draw or paint the landscape.
  25. Visit your local library and hire out some books.
  26. Have a pillow fight.
  27. Visit your relatives.
  28. Organise a play date with your kids school friends or your relatives kids.
  29. Have a water balloon fight in the backyard.
  30. Make a home movie.
  31. Learn magic tricks.
  32. Make a lemonade stall with your kids.
  33. Take your kids fishing if you live near a beach, lake or waterhole.
  34. Play Eye Spy.
  35. Rearrange or redecorate your kid’s bedrooms.
  36. Create an obstacle course in your backyard.
  37. Make Plaster of Paris ornaments and paint them.
  38. Make your own wrapping paper for future presents.
  39. Blow bubbles.
  40. Hide an object in your backyard and make a treasure map. Give this to your kids for them to find the object.
  41. Star gaze at night.
  42. Take a train, bus or ferry ride to a location that you have never been to before and explore the area.
  43. Go on a farm tour.
  44. Have a sleepover.
  45. Draw on the pavement with chalk.
  46. Write a letter and post it.
  47. Start a charity donation box or bag with your kids.
  48. Go bird watching.
  49. Learn and play new card games.
  50. Visit a museum or art gallery.

50 things to do on holidays

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