8 Reasons Your Kids Should Sleep in Bunk Beds

16th Oct 2020

8 Reasons Your Kids Should Sleep in Bunk Beds

The King of kids’ beds, the Bunk Bed has fascinated children from all generations for decades. The adventure it represents to kids always delights and helps make bedtime fun for any little sleeper. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading for our 8 reasons your kids should sleep in a bunk bed.

1. Spacing Saving

The biggest benefit a bunk bed provides is the ability to save on space.  Perfect for apartments or smaller homes/spaces, a bunk bed allows siblings to share a room while using the same floor space twice! This leaves plenty of room for a study desk, wardrobe and most importantly, expansive playing area.

However, Bunk-beds aren’t just for those with two (or more) kids – if you have one child, then the second bed is ready-made for visitors making sleepovers hassle free.

2. More Affordable and Convenient

A Bunk bed often can be better deal than needing to source two singles, King Singles or double beds. Not to mention the potential added cost of a headboard or safety side rails. Bunk beds mean one-stop shopping and will usually have safety rails already installed on the top bunk for safety.

3. They’re fun

Most children are delighted at the prospect of a bunk bed of their very own for their bedroom. The climbing of ladders, being up high or bunking down below and opportunity for friends to stay over brings a sense of adventure to the bedtime routine. This fun quality aids in reducing the hassle of getting kids into bed of a night. Instead, they’ll be eager to sleep in their own bunk come bedtime.

4. Defined Spaces

Within a shared bedroom, creating independent spaces can be hard. A Bunk bed can help you with this by providing children with private spaces of their own. This defined space can be emphasised further by attaching a curtain within each bunk in order to create privacy and/or adding floating shelves or shadow boxes for a little night-time storage that children can personalise themselves.

5. Promotes Bonding

Bunk Beds are a great way for siblings and friends to share and bond during the day and night. This is important for growth and social skills and can help with littles ones who have sleep issues.

6. Light Options

Siblings sharing a room can have its pitfalls and one of these can be who is ruler of the light. If an older child likes to read before bed but a younger child needs an earlier bedtime, then wars over if the light is on or off can be avoided by adding some personal clip-on lamps to a bunk bed or wall. That way each child has a light they can use without disturbing the other.

7. Design Opportunities

Having a bunk bed can free up a lot more space providing more room for your inner designer to have fun with. Use the new space to create designated study sections or get that Kids Teepee you have had your eye on.

If the lower bunk is only used when friends and family visit, take a few well-chosen cushions and transform the bottom bunk into a sofa – a perfect reading and lounging nook for use during the day and night.

8. Fort Haven

Lastly (and we think most importantly!), bunk beds make the best forts on a rainy day. No need to round up the house furniture and broomsticks for structure. A bunk bed is just waiting for a sheet to be thrown over it to transform into a fun fort for imaginative play (not to mention one that won’t take up half the lounge room!).


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