A Blast from the Past with Mocka’s Box Cart

16th Oct 2020

Do you remember the fun that you had when you were a child pushing your siblings around the backyard on your homemade push cart or go-kart? Push carts are a fun and traditional toy that has been enjoyed throughout many generations. Although most of them were constructed in the shed, the push carts were so popular that they were usually played on until they wore out or broke. Mocka love to bring old classic toys, fun and laughter back to family’s backyards.

Mocka’s Box Cart is a redesign of the old style push cart. It’s a traditional push style go-kart that will have your children playing and laughing all day long. Its traditional rope handle makes it easy for your children to manoeuvre it around the backyard or park as they push each other forward. It has a padded seat and back rest for comfort and support ensuring that your child is comfortable while they get pushed around. Mocka’s Box Cart is a great toy that is solid, sturdy and is guaranteed to burn up lots of energy.

A Mocka Box Cart is not only a fun toy that will entertain your children. It will also help to build their gross motor skills as they play on it. It’s a great way for your children to subconsciously learn about left and right as they pull on the rope to turn the wheels. The Box Cart can also teach your child about pressure, distance and speed as they pull up the steel handle to apply the brakes.

Mocka’s redesign on the traditional style push cart is a fun toy that will keep your children entertained playing outside all day long. Your children are guaranteed to be the envy of the neighbourhood with their Mocka Box Cart.

Mocka's new Box Cart


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