A Bohemian Style Nursery

16th Oct 2020

A Bohemian Style Nursery

Unconventional in style, bohemian themed nurseries are an alternative to the common blue, pink and white themed rooms. This style tends to stray away from the interior styling rules and move towards creativity, free-form and self-expression. Sarah from Ses and Jen recently completed styling her bohemian inspired nursery. It’s a beautiful space filled with an eclectic collection of bold décor, decorative pieces and statement objects which complement her natural bohemian style.

a bohemin style nursery1

Essentially, bohemian styled interiors are as unique as the person who creates them. It’s a collective mix of organic tones, decorative textures, bold colours and eccentric pieces that, when arranged together, create a relaxed vibe. There are no rules or structures to follow when decorating your home in this style, you can add a little or a lot, it’s all about how it makes you feel. You can create a more elegant and chic styled space with bohemian elements or keep it laid-back and playful. This interior style is versatile, unique and free for creative expression. When adding bohemian style décor to your nursery, look for pieces that add texture and definition to the room. Woven wall hangings, crochet pouffes, timber furniture and intricate prints can work well together and add unique elements to the space. An easy and affordable way to make a statement in your nursery is to use your baby’s clothes as décor. Sarah made a wall mounted clothes hanger from a Mocka Floating Shelf, leather straps and a copper pole to stylishly display all of her baby’s clothes instead of hiding them away in a cupboard. Although it’s nice to have decorative pieces on display, your bohemian style nursery also needs to be practical. It’s important to invest in functional furniture that will help to keep your nursery tidy. Sarah used a Mocka Jolt Three Drawer to store her all of her essential nursery items and keep the room clutter free. She also invested in a cot that converts into a toddler bed to save her from buying additional furniture for this space in the near future. To add a bohemian touch to the modern designed furniture, Sarah decorated the pieces with bohemian style décor to bring the entire room together.

a bohemin style nursery 2


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