A Flutter of Fairies in a Girly Girl Teepee

15th Oct 2020

Everyone has a fond childhood memory. For some people it might be building a fort with their siblings, climbing the highest tree in the park or riding their new bike for the first time. One fond childhood memory that resinates with most young girls is playing fairies in the garden.

If your children love to play fairies then their hearts would melt with a Mocka Girly Girl Teepee. The teepee has proven to be a hit amongst Marli and Mo’s four little fairies in their spring issue of ‘Nothing But Ordinary’ magazine - have a look at the photoshoot on pages 47-55. All dressed up with matching wings and magical fairy dust, the children fluttered and frolicked around the teepee imagining the beautiful yet delicate life of fairies.

Mocka’s Girly Girl Teepee will have every little fairy fanatic in awe. They can flutter around the teepee in the garden and have fairy bread inside on the cosy matching cushions.  Your little fairies imaginations will run wild when they begin to play inside their fairy home.

Mocka’s Girly Girl Teepee is the most popular from their range and is guaranteed to provide your children with hours of enjoyment both inside and out. Made from durable high quality canvas and cotton, Mocka’s Girly Girl Teepee is strong enough to withstand many years of fun. However, is comfortable enough for the endless amounts of hours your children will spend in it. Designed with windows and tie down doors for easy entry, your children won’t have trouble imagining and discovering new worlds inside their teepee. Mocka hasn’t forgotten about the boys either. With eight different teepee styles there’s a Mocka Teepee to suit any little miss or mister.

Mocka girly girl fairy teepee


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