Bring the Outdoors in with Mocka

16th Oct 2020

Most people love to spend time outside however with work and family commitments it can be hard to get out and about during the week. If your home is feeling a bit dull, there are many things that you can do to liven up the space around you. Mocka sell a great range of décor that can help you to bring the outdoors in and make your home feel inviting.

Tree Hangers

Mocka’s great range of Tree Hangers is one way to bring an element of the outdoors in. Resembling different tree shapes, the Kids Tree Hangers will add a splash of colour to your child’s bedroom while providing plenty of branches for them to hang all of their dress up clothes on.

If you are after more of a sophisticated look for the shared spaces in your home then you can’t go past Mocka’s Adult Tree Hanger. The Adult Tree Hanger is available in black and white and is perfect for adding to your living area’s or entryway. Its contemporary design will add a natural element to your home without overpowering the space.

Cow Pouffe

If you love animals then you will love Mocka’s new Cow Pouffe. The fun faux fur cow print will be adored by the whole family. The Cow Pouffe can be placed in your child’s bedroom for them to use as they put their shoes on or you can place it in the lounge room to add a fun country element to the room.

Couch Cushions

Animal silhouettes are right on trend in home décor and Mocka's animal Couch Cushions make it easy for you to bring the outdoors in while adding style to your space.  The animal silhouettes and beige linin fabric will add a natural colour to the room and make it feel warm, comfortable and inviting.

Paint Art

Mocka’s Paint Art Collection is a great way to add a natural motif to a room in a fun and vibrant way. Hand painted with high quality Windsor and Newton oil paint, the art will brighten up the room with its fun take on animals. From African animals including zebra’s and elephants to domestic animals including dogs and kittens, you will love the personality that the Paint Art brings to a room.

It’s easy to create a space in your home that reflects natural elements without bringing a potted plant inside. Think outside the box and draw décor inspiration from nature’s colours, textures and patterns to work into your home.

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