Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Horse with Mocka

16th Oct 2020

This Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the horse. If your baby is born from January 31st 2014 their Chinese Zodiac sign will be the horse. According to Chinese beliefs, horse babies are energetic, smart and very talkative. Their kind natured, cheerful personality and witty sense of humour attracts many friends and places them in the spotlight and centre of attention.

In particular this Chinese New Year is the year of the wooden horse. The qualities of the wooden horse are that it is strong and stable. Chinese lore considers that these qualities equip the horse babies with stronger decision making abilities which drive their success both professionally and personally.

You can celebrate your child’s Chinese Zodiac sign with Mocka’s Rocking Horse. Available in white or red these wonderful rocking horses make a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery, kid’s bedroom or playroom. Although white is classic and chic, the colour red is a favourite for the Chinese New Year as it is a symbolic colour of happiness. Red is considered by the Chinese a colour that scares away evil spirits and brings in good fortune. Mocka’s red rocking horse is a wonderful and symbolic gift to give for an expecting mum this Chinese year.

Thanks to the Sydney Chinese New Year website here are some Chinese Horse Zodiac Sign Facts:

  • Lucky gemstone is Beryl.
  • Lucky colour is green.
  • Lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9.
  • Lucky flowers are giant taro and jasmine.
  • Most compatible Chinese Zodiac signs are the Tiger, Sheep and Dog.
  • Most incompatible Chinese Zodiac signs include the Rat, Ox and Rabbit.
  • Most compatible careers include publicist, sales manager, journalist, language instructor, interpreter, bartender, artist, tour guide, librarian or pilot.
  • People that are born in the year of the horse include Sir Isaac Newton, Cindy Crawford, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Dorothy Porter and Jerry Seinfeld.

Rock in the Chinese Year of the Horse with Mocka


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