Colourful Thread Easter eggs

15th Oct 2020

Easter is a fun time of the year for kids. These colourful thread Easter eggs are easy to make and are a great gift to give to family and friends. They make wonderful decorative pieces to place around the home and boost the Easter spirit. If you are looking to keep your kids entertained over the Easter holidays then set up this creative Easter craft activity. They are guaranteed to enjoy getting their hands sticky while making them.

What you need: PVA Glue Water balloons Pin Embroidery thread in various colours Scissors String

Instructions: Step 1 Half blow up the water balloons to resemble an egg shape.

Step 2 Cut embroidery thread into multiple 30cm lengths.

Step 3 Place PVA glue in a bowl and dip one embroidery thread into the glue. Pull it out and run two fingers over it to remove any excess glue.

Step 4 Wrap the thread around the water balloon. Continue this process with the other pieces of thread until the water balloon is sufficiently covered with thread. You can keep the thread to one solid colour or you can alternate colours and shades.

Step 5 Tie string around the knot of the water balloon and hang up to dry.

Step 6 Once dried pop the water balloon with a pin and carefully remove the water balloon through the openings in thread.

These colourful thread Easter eggs make a great alternative gift for family and friends instead of chocolate. They are sure to love the handmade surprise. You can tie string around the top and hang them up for a decorative Easter feature or you can place them in a nice bowl on the table for a festive centre piece. This fun craft activity will add colour and fun to your Easter holidays.

Mocka Easter Craft Activity


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