Cracking the Corner Crisis

16th Oct 2020

Cracking the Corner Crisis

When it comes to corners, they are often the last place in house you wish to venture.

Between the scary hatchlings of dust bunnies and spider webs (spider bunnies perhaps?) growing in the crevices and the ever expanding tower of discarded toys, it’s often easier to just glaze over and pretend we live in a round room.

But never fear, because at Mocka, we have finally discovered how you can put your corners to better use – and that’s with a corner shelf.

Here are three reasons why you’ll love them and why you need one in your life now!

For Small Spaces

When it comes to apartments or small rooms, it is always a constant struggle to make a room functional, without becoming cluttered. A corner shelf is the perfect solution for such a problem. Tall, slim and stylish, these beauties will add extra storage without taking up much needed floor space.

For all the pretty things

For those of us with a fairly serious addiction to Instagram, you’ll know what I mean when I talk about all the fabulous Insta-shops selling divine products. With a new corner shelf, you’ll have more room to display all the pretty things you convinced your partner, were “imperative” to buy. #winningatlife

For the storage fanatic

If you have children you will know for fact, no matter how big a house is, it can never have enough storage. The storage fiend in us all will love and thrive off a corner shelf. Not only do you add a gorgeous feature to a space, you get to utilise what is often wasted space. You can thank us later!

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