Day for Daniel

15th Oct 2020

Mocka have been active supporters of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation for a long time. As this Friday is the foundations ‘Day for Daniel’ it’s only fitting that this week Mocka dedicates their blog to a well deserving charity that is doing wonders for the community and beyond.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation formed following a very unfortunate and upsetting event of a young boy’s disappearance. Leaving the entire nation in shock and mourning, the event left a hole in everyone’s heart and spurred national action against the harm of children.

Here at Mocka we are a family run business so children are important to us and the safety of our children and others is paramount. This week it is Mocka’s goal to help The Daniel Morcombe Foundation increase awareness of children’s safety and prevention against harm.

Day for Daniel is Australia’s day of action to bring awareness to both adults and children about the importance of children’s safety, prevention and protection. Building awareness on child protection and harm is the key to building a safer community for children to live and play in.

No child should have to hold the burden and worries of being harmed. However, it is important that they generate an understanding of their safety, become aware of their surroundings and learn to identifying situations that can ensure their safety and protection is front of mind.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation have been key community leaders in developing Australia’s understanding and awareness of child safety. Every year, The Daniel Morcombe Foundation conduct regular school presentations, school curriculums, emergency apps, educational DVD’s, puppet shows, educational online games, traveling resources for schools through the big red truck, The Day for Daniel, Walk for Daniel and Dance for Daniel.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation have done outstanding work and are an attribute to their community and Australia. Because of their dedication and hard work it only seems fitting that today Mocka puts together a red theme of their products in support of The Daniel Morcombe Foundations’ Day for Daniel.

For more information on The Daniel Morcombe Foundation and their initiatives or to register for the Day for Daniel go to

Mocka Red theme for Daniel Morcombe Foundation


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