Doris is your New Dog

15th Oct 2020

Have you ever wanted to surprise your children with a puppy but don’t want the hassles and added expense of a real puppy? Now you can give your children a puppy that loves to play and be sat on but won’t shed fur, bark or need to be groomed.

Mocka’s Doris the Dog is the neatest dog you will ever have in your home. Available in vibrant green or red, Doris the Dog will brighten any indoor room or outdoor area of your home. Mocka’s Doris the Dog is a replica design of the original Magis chair designed by Eero Aarnio.

Your children will love their Doris the Dog. They can use it as a fun chair to sit and snack on or as a toy. Doris the Dog makes the best first puppy for your children. It will tolerate all kinds of play at any time of the day and is guaranteed to love your children back.

The only maintenance Doris may require is a wipe down with a damp cloth due to an overload of TLC (tender loving care). Made from strong moulded plastic these adorable puppies are virtually indestructible. Your children will love sitting, climbing, crawling and playing all over their Doris the Dog all day long.

Doris the Dog isn’t just for the children. These vibrant puppies can also be placed around the home as a bright piece of art or feature piece. Place them outdoors for a fun sculpture that your children can play with too.

Regardless of ways you wish to use it, you will love the versatility and fun of Mocka’s Doris the Dog. Doris the Dog will make a wonderful new addition to your family and home. It’s the most perfect puppy for both adults and children and is guaranteed to light up your life with colour and laughter.

Mocka Doris is your new dog


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