Five Ways to use a Mocka Ladder Shelf

16th Oct 2020

1. Bedroom Mocka’s Ladder Shelf is a great piece of furniture that you can add to your bedroom to provide additional stylish storage space. Its tiered shelves allow you to utilise the space to store decorative pieces, jewellery, books, your music player, photo frames and more. It allows you to add style to your room without having to purchase large decorative mirrors or artwork and hang pieces on the walls. If you are looking for bedside tables for your bedroom, a Mocka Ladder Shelf is a great option. Purchase one for each side of the bed to hold your bedside essentials including lamps, clocks, tissues and books. Use the additional shelves on the Ladder Shelf to place decorative pieces such as photo frames, vases and ornaments, the styling options are endless. 2. Lounge room Mocka’s Ladder Shelf is perfect for adding decorative style to your lounge room. The benefit of a Ladder Shelf is that it can be changed to suit the seasons, your mood or the colour palette of the room. Mock’s Ladder Shelf works well bedside the lounge or in the corner to create a feature piece in the room. If you need functional storage for your lounge room, the Ladder Shelf is also great for storing DVD’s, gaming consoles, books and toys. 3. Bathroom Use Mocka’s Ladder Shelf in your bathroom to store towels, toilet paper rolls, decorative pieces and air fresheners. Adding a Ladder Shelf to your bathroom will make it easy for your guests to access fresh towels and bathroom essentials. It will also add a decorative element to your bathroom without taking up too much space. 4. Study If you need additional storage space in your study then Mocka’s Ladder Shelf will be perfect for your needs. Mocka’s Ladder Shelf is stylish yet functional and won’t take up much floor space. Use it to store printers, paper, stationary, books and any essential office equipment that you use regularly. 5. Nursery If you are looking for storage options for your nursery then Mocka’s Ladder Shelf is a functional piece that is great for storing nursery items. Use it for displaying decorative pieces including soft toys, photo frames, books and birth certificate holders. The Ladder Shelf is also great for storing nursery items that you may need to have out for easy access such as baby monitors, creams, nappies, wipes, rattles and more. Regardless of the room that you decide to use a Mocka Ladder Shelf in, it is a functional piece that will add stylish storage space to your home. The Ladder Shelf’s contemporary design makes it easy to move around the home and use in other rooms if desired. Five Ways to use a Mocka Ladder Shelf

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