Four Ways to Style the Mocka Postboxes

16th Oct 2020

Four Ways to Style the Mocka Postboxes

At Mocka, we love furniture that is both practical and funky – and we couldn’t think of two better words to describe our Mocka Post Boxes. We love the stylish yet fun design elements these beauties add to a room, which is why we think everyone should have one in their home. Check out how you can style a Mocka Post Box in your home today!

1. Ultimate Bedside Table Style

The bedroom is our favourite room in the house and it also our favourite place to add some personality to the décor and furniture pieces. For a unique bedside table option, the Mocka Post Box 3 is a winner. The drawers enable you to store your devices, current read and other night-time necessities within easy reach, while the top is made for a lamp and plant for a clean, uncluttered look. And the best part? Slide the drawers across to reveal as much (or as little!) as you want.


2. Children’s Room Storing Station

The Mocka Post Boxes are a welcome addition to a child’s bedroom. The super cute retro design comes in a range of fun colours for kids. Not to mention the easy sliding drawers mean children can store away their special ‘collectables’ and knick-knacks themselves. The toy brigade couldn’t ask for a safer spot to rest when not in use!


3. Bathroom Bliss

Make your next bubble bath more enjoyable by styling a Post Box 2 next to the bathtub. Whether for yourself or little ones, the Post Box 2 is the perfect height for use when in the bath. Store face washers, body lotion and soap in the sliding drawers (If indulging in some relaxation yourself – the top will keep a glass of wine within easy reach – very important feature). And because they are made from ABS hard plastic, it doesn’t matter if the Post Box gets a little wet – a quick wipe over with a cloth and your all set for next time!


4. Nursery Companion

When it comes to babies, you can never have enough storage – which is why a Mocka Post Box styled in a nursery works so well. If you place next to the cot or change table, the drawers are the perfect spot to keep extra blankets, wipes or a change of clothes easily ready and on hand. A night-light or soft toy on top is also super cute. The Post Boxes are also extremely lightweight, so moving as needed from the cot to the change table to the nursery chair is easy – even with a baby in one hand.



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