Fun at the Beach with Mocka

15th Oct 2020

Fun at the Beach with Mocka

Spending the day at the beach is an outing that many families love to do during summer. Whether you're relaxing in the shade, swimming, playing in the sand or having a barbeque, it’s a fun and relaxing day out. Mocka have a great range of products that can help to make a day at the beach more enjoyable for the whole family.

It’s important to stay out of the sun as much as you can while you’re at the beach. Mocka’s Beach Shade makes a day at the beach safe and relaxing. Don’t squish up under a tiny beach umbrella, the wide design of this beach shade gives your family a larger shaded area for everyone to enjoy. This also allows your kids to play in the sand while staying shaded.

If your kid’s love building big sandcastles then they might want to use Mocka’s Kids Steel Wheelbarrow and Wagon to help make them even bigger. They make moving sand around at the beach fun and easy for kids. They will love loading up their wheelbarrow and wagon with sand or water and then dumping it to build big sandcastles and sculptures.

If you want to take a few activities to enjoy at the beach then pack in some Mocka’s Bright Balls. These high bounce balls make a fun and safe game whether kicking them to each other on the sand or throwing them in the water. Their soft fabric exterior makes them safe for small kids to kick and throw.

If you’re going for a walk along the beach, your kids might enjoy riding their Balance Bike beside you on the wet sand. It’s great for kids to get out and about and experience riding their bike on a different surface. The light weight design also makes it easy to carry over the soft sand and transport to and from the beach.

Regardless of the day that you have planned at the beach, there is something to make everyone’s day more enjoyable. Just remember to pack in the sunscreen too!


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