Fun Fruit Snacks

16th Oct 2020

Fun Fruit Snacks

Without a doubt, kids love to play with their food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or tea they will discover more ways to play with their food rather than eat it. If this sounds like your little one then they will love these Fun Fruit snacks.

Fun Fruit Snacks are great for encouraging your child to get into the kitchen and learn about different types of food, shapes and utensils. From Fruit caterpillars to fruit wands, your child will love cutting out shapes and arranging them on their palate or creating fun fruit masterpieces.

1. Fruit Caterpillars

Make these fun fruit caterpillars with skewers, green grapes, red cherry tomatoes, chocolate drops, royal icing, parsley stalks and a food marker. This very easy fruit snack is a fun activity that will keep your kids hands busy during their mid-morning or afternoon meal time. Smita Srivastava from Little Food Junction shows how you can create these adorable edible creatures with your children.

2. Fruit Wands

Fruit wands are a perfect snack for the little fairies fluttering around in your garden. All you need is a star cookie cutter, skewers, watermelon slices and grapes to create these edible fairy wands. Brandy O'Neill from She Knows shows you how easy they are to make. They are guaranteed to be a popular snack at the next fairy garden tea party.

3. Fruit Cars

These fruit cars are a hit with any child who is obsessed with toy cars and trucks. They are simple to make and will put a smile on your child’s face during meal time. Cut up one apple and some grapes and attach them by threading them through some plastic toothpicks. Head over to Bent on Better Lunches to see how Candy has made her fruit cars. Your kids will love racing them around on their plate.

4. Fruit Kebabs

Similar to fruit wands, fruit kebabs are just as easy. Grab a handful of various shaped cookie cutters, skewers and some slices of watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew melon and kiwifruit. Your children will love cutting out stars, hearts and flowers to thread through their skewer. Shelley and Gretchen from Two Healthy Kitchens show you their version of health fruit kebabs.

Let your kids have fun during meal time with some fruit snacks that are guaranteed to get eaten.



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