Fun With Chalkboard Paint and Mocka Furniture

15th Oct 2020

If your child's Mocka furniture is looking a little well loved but is still in great condition then don’t throw it out. Get into the DIY spirit and give it a makeover that your child will love.

Chalkboard paint is not only an affordable option for upcycling old furniture but it also makes furniture fun for your child.

There are many different ways that you can use chalkboard paint to update tired and old furniture.

Mocka’s Hudson Table and Stool Set makes a great drawing table. Paint the top of the table in your child’s favourite chalkboard paint and transform the look and use of the table. Your child will love drawing pretty pictures or playing naughts and crosses on their upcycled table.

If you are finding it hard to keep your child’s bedroom clean, try to encourage your child to put their clothes away in the right spots by painting the fronts of their Brooklyn Drawers with chalkboard paint. Use a chalk stick to label each drawer for specific items of clothing including socks, pants, shirts and jumpers.

If you are limited on space in your house and don’t have room for an easel then get creative with chalkboard paint and different types of furniture. You can double the use of your child’s Mocka Toy Box and turn it into a drawing table by painting the lid with chalkboard paint. Your child will love using it to draw pretty pictures or play naughts and crosses or hangman with their friends.

There are many different ways that you can use chalkboard paint to extend the life of your child’s furniture.

Chalkboard paint and Mocka


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