How to Acheieve Great Monochrome Styling

16th Oct 2020

How to Acheieve Great Monochrome Styling

Monochrome interior style has become something of a movement in 2016 – especially if you trawl through Instagram and Pintrest. As our lives become busier and the world more chaotic, our homes become a refuge – which is why this simple, minimalistic style has inspired so many people. However, Monochromatic styling can be a little misunderstood. Many people think monochrome is strictly stark black and white and all about high contrast. And while this colour scheme and theme is certainly a focal component of the style, monochrome is really more akin to ‘ombre’ – as in working from a base colour and merging varying shades, tints and hues of that colour to create cohesion. One thing is for sure, Monochrome looks amazing and creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere in a room. Check out our guide to creating monochrome style in your home.

 1. Base

The base colour is the building block from which the rest of the room is built – so choose a simple colour. Grey, white or black, walls or flooring are iconic of this trend. Try neutral-coloured lounge, dining and bedroom furniture as well. This will have you well on your way to creating monochrome magic in your home.

monochrome prodicts 1

Mocka Picks – TV Unit, Albero Coat Rack and Halo Lamp.

2. Textures

Texture is a staple of good interior design in general, but it is particularly important in Monochromatic style to create interest and variety. Textured rugs, throws and cushions are the perfect way to introduce different materials and fabrics. To create interesting focal points in a room, try some bold, intricate patterns (but don’t over do it!). Stylists have also begun to add accents of brass, gold, raw timber, jute or marble which is really taking monochrome to the next level. But some of the best advice is to focus on a variety of surfaces. High gloss and matte surfaces can really add glamour and drama to a monochrome space.

monochrome prodicts 2

Mocka Picks – Ladder Shelf, Circa Rugs and Tilly Lamp.

3. Height

As monochrome is a simple colour palate, experiment with height and composition to create a more dynamic room. Focus on shelving and furniture of differing heights to create a ‘layered’ space. But don’t stop there! Style your favourite décor on your bookshelf or shelving units at different heights and groupings and hang prints on your walls in a multitude of sizes and heights. All of this will work to craft a lively and interesting home.

monochrome prodicts 3

Mocka  Picks – Jimmy Tower and Maya Corner Shelves.


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