How to Style the Cork Deco Range

16th Oct 2020

How to Style the Cork Deco Range

Already set to be one of ‘the’ interior trends in 2017, cork is beginning to filter onto walls and into homewares and furniture pieces both online and in magazines. Our Cork Deco Range is a stunning fusion of modern and retro design, incorporating cork into its inherent style and appeal. To help you stay a step ahead of the rest on this newest interior trend, we have put together a few tips on how to style our Cork Deco Range in your home.

Warm and Natural

As our lives become increasingly surrounded by technology and as the borders between home and work life blur, there is a huge push to bring nature inside. Cork is no exception and pairs extremely well with more natural elements like plants, terracotta, wicker and warm colours. Style a plant in a wicker basket or lay out a jute mat near the Cork Deco Slider. Finish off with a plant or vase on top in either yellow or terracotta. Very simple, this styling will instil warm, natural tones throughout your home.

cork deco image 1

Pops of Colour

Cork looks rather striking set against crisp white, and brings texture and drama to a room. This is epitomised in our Cork Deco Range. Both quirky and practical, cork walls and furniture pieces also allow deeper colours to pop off the white and warm tones. Pops of colour scattered in a room (perhaps in a deep, forest green or rich navy with Shibori designs) will create a lovely balance with the Cork Deco Slider or Four Drawer. A veritable feast for the eyes.

cork deco image 2

Defined Spaces

As a backlash to acoustic and privacy issues with open-plan living, warm, cosy spaces are making a comeback. This is when two-toned furniture pieces that feature both a brightening element (like ultra-crisp white) and tactile, warm elements (like cork panels perhaps?) will aid in defining cosy rooms without venturing into cluttered territory. This way, we can enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine in our serene, defined spaces and escape the Instagram feed for a few mere moments.

cork deco image 3

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