In the Garden with Mocka!

15th Oct 2020

Now that autumn has arrived there will be plenty of work to do in the garden in the coming weeks. It doesn’t have to be a tedious task; you can make it fun for you and your child with a few of Mocka’s toys and some fun ideas.

Raking up the fallen leaves can seem like a never ending task however, you can make it a fun and memorable time with your child. Wait until most of the leaves if not all of them have fallen and then encourage your child to help you to rake them into a pile. You can make it fun by helping your child to load the leaved into their Kids Steel Wheelbarrow or Wagon so they can cart the leaves around the yard.

The sense of fulfilment that they will get from helping you out will instil a feeling of being valued and provide you with special bonding time. Once you have made a pile of leaves encourage your child to play in it. Watch how your child reacts to the fun of jumping, kicking and throwing the leaves up in the air. These moments create great photo opportunities with the joy on your child’s face and the beautiful colours of the leaves.

Autumn is also the ideal season for planting bulbs and can also provide an opportune time to teach your child about nature through gardening. Seasons, the weather and wildlife are all important factors that play a vital role in gardening and a plants lifecycle. Giving your child their own seed to plant and look after can encourage them to learn about nature and wildlife while providing them with a small amount of responsibility.

Tulips, daffodils and irises are great bulbs to plant as they are easy for children to handle and they can watch the plants full lifecycle, starting from a seed to producing a beautiful flower. Your child will love watching the insects that their plant attracts including butterflies, bees and ladybirds.

The growth process of the plant can also teach children about patience. Help your child to create a chart to track their plants growth cycle and take photos so they can see its progress.

Mocka love to provide fun toys to encourage children to play, laugh and learn. Gardening is one simple and fun way you can teach your child about the importance of nature while enjoying their giggles and capturing their smiles.

In the garden with Mocka


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