It’s all a Balancing Act in Getting Kids to be Active Again

15th Oct 2020

Here at Mocka we love encouraging families and kids to play outside, however, we were shocked to find in an interview with Dr Luis Loupes (a specialist in physical activity and motor coordination) kids are spending between 50% and 80% of their waking time in a sedentary state.

Having little ones ourselves we too can understand that life does get busy and although we would love the shopping, washing and cleaning to be done automatically, unfortunately it just doesn’t happen. On school days it might be a bit hard to get outside with your kids before the sun goes down.  Nevertheless when you do, we make numerous amounts of outdoor durable toys and equipment that can be enjoyed by your little ones all year round.

Mocka’s Balance Bikes are one of our best-selling outdoor toys and on the Mocka website you are spoilt for choice with the largest range of balance bikes in Australia. Balance bikes are bikes without pedals or training wheels which are known to help young children develop their gross motor skills, balance and coordination and build confidence in preparation for their first two wheeled bike.

The beauty about balance bikes is that children have complete control over their speed and manoeuvrability. The bike is naturally propelled forward by the child’s running motion and can be easily stopped by simply dropping their feet to the ground. Balance bikes allow kids to coast and they quickly learn how to balance as they glide, developing their confidence as they learn in their own time how to ride on two wheels.

Whether it’s a Missy Balance Bike for your little princess, a Moto X Balance Bike for your young tucker or a unisex Urban Balance Bike for them to share; you won’t be disappointed when you see how much fun your little ones are having while they’re learning to ride.

Mocka Balance Bikes


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