Keep Toys Tidy in a Mocka Toy Box

15th Oct 2020

Wooden boxes and chests have been around for centuries and have been used to store anything from tools and materials for workers, to gold and treasure for pirates. They have been used to transport and store goods to keep them safe and out of the way.

The humble wooden box or chest has made its small mark in history and has been redesigned over time to cater to domestic lifestyles.

Mocka has designed a perfect Toy Box for your children to hold all of their toys to keep them safe and out of the way when they aren’t being used.

You can store Mocka’s Toy Box at the end of your child’s bed or in the corner of their room. You will love the convenience of having a place to pack up the toys once playtime is over. No more stuffed toys living on the floor or standing on bits of Lego as you go to tuck your child into bed.

Mocka’s Wooden Toy Boxes are made out of MDF with a compression hinge to stop the lid falling down and catching little fingers. They come in three contemporary designs so you can decorate your children’s room however you please. If your child loves wildlife then they will love having a picture of a kangaroo or crocodile on the top of their toy box.

If you are looking to put Mocka’s Toy Box in your living room and you are after a design that will compliment your existing décor, then you can’t go past Mocka’s white Toy Box. Mocka’s white Toy Box will ensure the toys are stored away when guest come to visit but still accessible to your little ones. You can even use it to store extra pillows or blankets while doubling it as a coffee table.

Mocka have designed the perfect Toy Box for your child and their belongings to keep your house neat and tidy. Keep toys tidy in a Mocka Toy Box


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