Keep Up the Good Work with Mocka’s Jordi Desk and Drawers

15th Oct 2020

When shopping for a desk it can be hard to find one that can adapt to different décor changes, especially ones that won’t break the budget.  Mocka has been working on this idea and have come up with a contemporary yet functional desk and set of drawers that can be effortlessly positioned in any room of the house without looking out of place.

Mocka’s New Jordi Desk and Draws are streamline and compact allowing you to style them to suit your existing décor, or slot seamlessly into any room without taking over the entire space. Suitable for anyone at any age, the Jordi desk will help to keep your work flowing and organised with its handy slide out drawer. The drawers are large enough to hold all of your stationary and you can pick from two stylish colours that will complement your existing décor, white desk with a white drawer or white desk with a black drawer.

If you’re looking for additional storage options, team the Jordi Desk with the Jordi Drawers. Mocka’s Jordi Drawers are a stylish way to keep your desk clutter free and organised to improve your work flow. They seamlessly sit alongside the Jordi Desk not only providing additional storage space for all of your office stationary however, it extends the surface area of your desk. The surface area of the Jordi Drawers makes the perfect space to sit your coffee, lamp or printer without impeding on your desk space.

Mocka’s Jordi Drawers don’t just have to be used with your desk. The Jordi Drawers can also be used anywhere around the home as additional storage space for clothing, arts and crafts, toys, stationary, books and more. The three slide out drawers help to keep your belongings organised and segmented to ensure everything is easy to find when it’s needed.  The Jordi Drawers are available in two contemporary colour options, white with white drawers for a more streamline and classic look or white with black drawers to make a bold statement.

Now you can style, study and play at Mocka’s Jordi Desk and organise your space with Mocka’s Jordi Drawers. These two stylish pieces will not only encourage learning and improve productivity, they will also keep your room stylishly organised.

Mocka Jordi Desk and Jordi Drawers


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