Light up your Home with Mocka

15th Oct 2020

Lights are a great way to add style and enhance a bedrooms atmosphere. There are many lights out on the market, however when choosing a light for your child’s bedroom there are various aspects that you should consider before making your purchase.

You should always be aware of the reasons why you are buying a light. Are you looking for a night light, reading light, a fun light or a bedside table lamp? While thinking about this also consider the age, gender and personality of the child you are buying it for. You will want to buy a light that not only fits the purpose, but looks great too.

Mocka have variety of lights and lamps that serve various purposes. They are designed to not only create ambiance in your child’s room however, add personality, style and fun too.

Mocka’s Stop Light Wall Sticker makes a great night light. It’s an easy and fun light to assemble which means you can get your children involved. Let your children have fun sticking the post and markers to the wall. Once finished hang the battery operated stop light up and then pull the cord to turn it on and off. This light creates a soft glow allowing you to leave it on at night time to ensure your child’s feels safe while sleeping.

Mocka’s Tail Lights are fun and friendly. These adorable characters will add personality to your child’s bedroom. Your children will love their bendable tail and will enjoy the light that comes from beneath the shade. This light is perfect for brightening up the corner of your child’s bedroom. It creates a warm and inviting glow that is perfect for bedtime stories.

A safer alternative from ceramic, glass or plastic bedside table lamps is Mocka’s Pet Lamp. Made from plush materials, the Pet Lamp is light weight, soft and stable. If your child loves to read books then they will love having a Pet Lamp on their bedside table. It provides adequate lighting for your child to enjoy reading their book or completing their homework. Your child will love the friendly faces of the Pet Lamps.

It’s easy to make a room more inviting by adding a light or lamp to it. Your child will never want to leave their room with a light from Mocka’s fun range.


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