Looking for Children’s Gift Ideas that Help Develop Skills? Mocka has you Covered!

15th Oct 2020

From the old wooden rocking horses to the abacus, toys have been used for centuries in encouraging the development and progression of many skills that assist children as they grow.

Since children are born, toys such as rattles and building blocks are given to them to stimulate and use their five senses to help begin the development of many skills. As children grow their cognitive and social skills further develop and heighten through different types of play as they learn problem solving, memory, cause and effect, independence, social and leadership skills.

Mocka’s toys are specifically designed to cater to each child’s age group to help develop essential life skills. Mocka’s toys are fun, bright, creative and durable, encouraging children to learn while they play.

Mocka’s red Ride on Beetle is featured in this month’s Little Friends activity book, ‘the best gift for your little ones’. Mocka’s Ride on Beetle makes the perfect first ride on toy teaching your child coordination, steering, fine and gross motor skills, creativity and independence as they learn to ride by pushing themselves along, steering themselves in any direction they choose. Using their sight, touch and hear senses, your child and their skill development will be off and racing in no time.

Mocka’s Art House was also featured in the Little Friends activity book ‘Little Treasures’ and makes for the perfect gift or party game. Your children will be amused for hours decorating their new Art House inside and out before they play in it. The Art House encourages children’s creativity and imagination while they decorate it and develops social and emotional skills as they role play in it. Made from 100% recycled material, it’s an environmentally friendly gift you can give to your little ones.

Mocka’s toys range from Ride on Trucks and Beetles to Balance Bikes, Teepees, Wheelbarrows and more! Support your child’s learning through Mocka’s range of toys that allow them to experience the world while developing essential life skills.

Gift ideas for kids from Mocka


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