Make a Fun Indian Paper Feather Headpiece

15th Oct 2020

Mocka colourful Indian feather headpieceRole playing is a great activity for children. It’s even more fun when props can be used and costumes can be worn. Children love to play Cowboys and Indians especially if they have a Mocka Cowboy Teepee.  Have some fun with your children making this colourful Indian paper feather headpiece. They will enjoy getting creative while make it and love playing in it after.

What you need: A5 coloured cardboard (for the feathers) Scissors (child friendly if required) Glue A4 coloured paper (for the headband) Sticky Tape Pencil

Steps: Step 1 Using a pencil mark out 2 x 50mm wide strips on your chosen coloured paper then cut the strips out.

Step 2 Place the two ends of the strips together and place sticky tape on the front and back.  Wrap this piece around your child’s head to ensure it will fit them then place it down on a flat surface.

Step 3 Fold one piece of coloured cardboard in half then draw an even curved line from the top corner to the bottom corner. Keep the piece folded and cut along the curved line.

Step 4 Unfold the cardboard piece but make sure you don’t flatten it out completely. You will want to keep a slight curve in the cardboard. Then measure ¼ from the bottom of the cardboard piece and use your scissors to cut thin triangles on a slight downward angle towards the folded centre. Ensure you cut only ¾ of the way in towards the folded centre to maintain the strength of the cardboard feather piece. Repeat this process until you have 7 coloured feathers cut out from your cardboard.

Step 5 Neatly arrange all of your cardboard feathers on the centre piece of your paper headband.

Step 6 Take one cardboard feather and put glue on the back of the ¼ bottom of the feather piece. Then press it down on the headband. Repeat this process layering all of the feather pieces until the centre one is glued in place.

Step 6 Use a heavy weight to press down the ¼ bottom of the feathers and keep them in place until the glue has dried.

Step 7 After the glue has dried, take the weight off and sticky tape the two ends of the headpiece together ensuring it fits your child’s head properly.

Now your child’s Indian paper feather headpiece is complete and ready for playtime in their Mocka Teepee.

Mocka colourful Indian feather headpiece


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