Mocka DIY: Sparkle Light Mirror

16th Oct 2020

Mocka DIY:  Sparkle Light Mirror
Classy Christmas cheer is just a hack away with this super simple D.I.Y lighted mirror. With only a couple of Mocka product,  you can add a dreamy lighted mirror to any wall in your home. Perfect ambience for enchanting Christmas vibes this season - check it out! 

Step One:

Take 2 x Mocka Classic Sparkle Lights and loop them around each other a few times until you have two loops. Tape these together.


Step Two: 

Fix the now coiled Sparkle Lights to the top centre of the mirror using some of your trusty tape. You can also secure the battery packs to the backing at a point that is easy to reach to turn the lights on.

Step Three:

Begin wrapping the Sparkle Lights right around the outside edge of the mirror, fixing in place at the back with some more of your trusty tape. Play around until you have the placement to your liking.

And that’s it! One whimsical lighted mirror perfect for adding a little Christmas twinkle to any home this season. Grab an Astrid Mirror and Sparkle Lights and give it a go today!




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