Mocka Donates a Cot for the Cots for Tots Charity Campaign

15th Oct 2020

Here at Mocka we make it our goal to support local charities all around the nation. In the past we have loved supporting various local charities through toy and furniture donations including the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, local Ronald McDonald Houses and local Noosaville State School student Jasmine Green.

Through the St Kilda Mums charity we have been able to donate one of our Mocka Aspiring Cots for their Cots for Tots campaign. St Kilda Mums aim to find 200 cots for 200 tots before the end of winter this year.

No child should have to sleep in a draw but the reality is there are 161,000 single parent families living in Melbourne alone and 83% of these are single mothers with children. 527,000 Victorians are living below the poverty line and 20,311 Victorians are homeless at any given night; 25% of them being families with children. Because of this many families can’t afford the basic necessities required for looking after a baby. With demand exceeding supply and winter at its peak, we believe it has never been a more crucial time to support this local charity.

We donated one of our Aspiring cots along with an innerspring cot mattress. This cot features two mattress height settings that allow you to lower the base height once your baby learns to sit up. This has allowed us to eliminate drops sides which have been banned in the US and Europe, providing you with a stronger and safer cot. All of our cots are also manufactured and tested in accordance with Australia and New Zealand 2172:2010 safety standards.

St Kilda Mums also accept preloved cots in good condition. They have rules and regulations regarding the donation of preloved cots which can be found on their website

The Mocka family strongly believe in supporting local charities as they don’t get the large funding, advertising and sponsorship opportunities that larger charities receive. They do such a great job supporting everyday locals in their community and we believe they need to be more widely recognised.

It doesn’t take much to support a local charity and every small donation counts to improving the lives of so many.

The Mocka Aspiring Cot donated to the St Kilda Mums' Cots for Tots campaign


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