Mocka Makes Christmas Shopping a Breeze

15th Oct 2020

Yes it’s November and we all know what that means! It’s getting very close to Christmas!

The decorations are out in the shops and the crowds are starting to roll in. Long checkout queues, photos with Santa Clause, sore shopping feet and the line-up for the free gift wrapping is out the door. By the time Christmas starts, you wish it was over.

This year, bring the Joy back to Christmas and do all of your Christmas shopping at Mocka. Mocka’s large range of products means it’s your one stop shop for the whole family. With online shopping, weekly specials and straight to your door delivery, your Christmas shopping will be a breeze this year. Leaving you time to decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with your children.

You won’t have to check your children’s wish list twice this year with Mocka’s large range of children’s toys. Mocka’s Baby Play provides the perfect range of gifts for the little ones first Christmas. Your little one will love playing with Mocka’s Block Trolley or Rocking Horse. While Mocka’s Ride on Truck or Ride on Beetle make the perfect first set of wheels.

Bikes make a great Christmas gift so if you have an eager child that is ready to start learning how to ride a bike, don’t go and buy some training wheels. Wrap up a Mocka Balance Bike and you will love watching them learn how to ride on their own on Christmas day. With Mocka’s easy to assemble instructions, you won’t find it hard to assemble one of Mocka’s Balance Bikes.

For the older ones looking for some fun, Mocka’s Teepees and Scooters are right up their ally. One for the princess or one for the cowboy, Mocka’s Teepees will provide hours of entertainment and will spur their imagination right through to the New Year.

If you have a little artist in the family then they will love Mocka’s Art House to decorate or their very own Activity Table to store all of their crafty things.

If you are hunting for a gift for your partner or family member, then you will be spoilt for choice with Mocka’s range of home furniture. From a statement chairs and coat racks to designer stool and magazine racks. The only problem you will have is a hard time deciding which product to pick.

Now that Christmas presents are sorted and are being delivered to your door you can relax and begin to enjoy Christmas stress free.

Mocka Makes Christmas Shopping a Breeze


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