Mocka’s Autumn Leaves

16th Oct 2020

When we think of autumn we think of gardening and lots of work constantly raking up the fallen leaves in the yard. However, in a child’s eyes autumn can be a fun time for getting outside and exploring the world. If you’re out in the garden and need a helping hand picking up all of those fallen leaves then Mocka’s Kids Steel Wheelbarrow or Wagon makes a perfect toy that will get them excited to help you out. The change in seasons is also a great time to teach your child about the importance of the sun and planet earth and how its orbit and axis cause the change in seasons. You can also teach your child a lot about the seasons through the effects it has on nature and a plants lifecycle. Arts and Crafts are a great way to get your child excited to learn. With the many beautiful colours that the leaves bring to the trees it can inspire and encourage children to play with colour and nature to create wonderful masterpieces. Mocka have created autumn paper leaves that you can make at home with your child to spur their imagination and help them to learn new skills. Equipment and Materials Scissors Pencil Eraser Ruler Glue Paper clips/small bulldog A4 Coloured paper Method Step 1 Take a piece of A4 coloured paper and fold in half horizontally. Step 2 Draw a diagonal line with a ruler from one corner of the paper to another. To make a maple leaf, mark two triangles off from the diagonal line. Step 3 Cut on the line and open out the paper (keep the leftover cut paper for step 6). Erase the pencil marks when you have finished cutting. Step 4 Concertina the paper starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Step 5 Gather the concertina paper up and fold in half making the two large ends meet together in the middle. This will form your leaf. Step 6 Take the leftover paper from the cut that you made in Step 3 and cut a long section off the triangle Step 7 Twist the section of paper until it is bound tightly and doesn’t unwind. This will form your stem. Step 8 Take your concertina leaf and wrap the stem around the middle of the leaf (the join) and then twist the end of the stem around itself until bound. Step 9 Glue the two flat sections of the concertina leaf together and fasten with paper clips or small bulldog clips until dry. Glue the end of the stem to the stem itself and leave to dry. Step 10 Once dry gently pull the concertina out to form the leaf. Mocka’s Autumn Leaves Mocka’s Autumn Leaves

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