Mocka’s DIY Affordable Lego Table

15th Oct 2020

Does your child love to play with Lego? Lego is a fantastic toy that is great for developing children’s fine motor skills, encouraging creativity and stimulating their imagination while they construct everything from houses and cars to aeroplanes and pirate ships. The building possibilities are endless with Lego and it doesn’t just stop with the Lego pieces. If your child loves to build with Lego then they will love to construct this great Lego table using Mocka’s new Geo Table.

Mocka’s Geo Table is a contemporary table that can be used anywhere in the house. Its versatile design means you can use it as a side table, coffee table, plant stand or even a Lego table. With just a few materials you can turn a Mocka Geo Table into a Mocka Lego Table at an affordable price.

What you will need 1 x Geo Table 1 x Lego Baseplate 1 x Marker 1 x Ruler 1 x High strength translucent glue


  1. Place the Lego baseplate on the top of the Geo Table and evenly mark out the position where you would like the baseplate to sit.
  2. Turn the baseplate over and run your glue along the back making sure you have sufficient glue to cover the surface of the baseplate.
  3. Press the baseplate down on top of the Geo Table aligning it with your previous measurements. Wipe of any extra glue with an old cloth. Wait for the glue to dry before giving it to your child to play with.

The sleek design of the Geo Table makes it great to use in small bedrooms or playrooms as it does not take up a lot of space.  If you are after something a little larger than simply use a Mocka Activity Table instead of a Geo Table. The Activity Table will provide your child with enough room to store all of their Lego pieces in the roll out storage container underneath.

Your child will love having a place to play with all of their Lego and you will love having a place to keep it all out of the way. Enjoy play time with Mocka’s DIY Lego Table.

Mocka Australia DIY Lego Table


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