Mocka’s DIY Pompom Garland

15th Oct 2020

DIY projects make fun weekend or school holiday boredom busters and also help children to develop new skills, spur their imagination and get creative. Mocka’s DIY pompom garland is a fun and easy craft activity that will keep your child busy. Use Mocka’s DIY pompom garland to dress up a bedroom, hang up outside to decorate a birthday party or even your child’s Teepee. Follow the instructions below to make your very own pompom garland!


  1. A pompom maker
  2. Wool in your choice of colours
  3. Scissors


  1. Take one yarn of coloured wool and a pompom maker to begin making your pompoms. Pompom makers can be bought from haberdashery stores like Spotlight. Hold the two pompom maker rings together and begin to thread the wool around the two rings until you cannot thread any more wool through the inner whole.
  2. Slide your scissors between the two rings and cut the wool in between. Take a separate long piece of string and tie it around the cut wool in between the two pompom maker rings. Leave the leftover string attached to the pompom as you will use this later.
  3. Slide the two circles off the wool and roll the pompom in the palms of your hands to fluff it up. Once you have made your pompoms place them in the order that you would like them strung.
  4. Take a string of white wool or coloured wool of your choice and knot each pompom on the string ensuring you measure the distance between each pompom to keep the garland consistent.

Hang your pompom garland wherever you desire to create a fun and colourful space in your home!

Mocka DIY Pompom


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