Mocka’s Easel Makes Learning Easy

15th Oct 2020

Used for many years, easels have been a popular children’s activity tool that stimulated independent play. Easels are a valuable toy that provides an endless array of creative learning opportunities that stimulate imagination and develop skills through hands on activities that encourage ‘play prompts’.  A ‘play prompt’ is an encouraging invitation for children to play through a prearranged activity or opportunity. Easels are a convenient and fundamental tool that provides many alternatives to encourage play prompts.  Simple and easy to set up, the Mocka Kids Easel can contribute to the ongoing development of your children’s skills.

Setting up play prompts will provide a fun learning opportunity for your children that will contribute to developing fundamental skills essential during children’s growth. Using an easel, you can set up various pro-active and unrestrictive activities that can teach your children about colours, numeracy, literacy, shapes, seasons, memory and more, the possibilities are endless. An Easel can contribute to developing children’s fine motor skills including hand and eye coordination, creative independence, problem solving, concentration, language development, sensory skills, self-expression and more.

Mocka’s Kids Easel is a perfect tool that will aid your child’s imagination and encourage them to create and express themselves artistically. Designed to be very functional, Mocka’s Kids Easel is extremely easy to assemble and position in any room in the house or even outside.  Mocka’s Kids Easel is a magnetic whiteboard on one side and blackboard on the other with two separate trays, ensuring the chalk and pens don’t get mixed up.

Designed with two separate play stations, your children will have fun creating, learning and playing on both sides of Mocka’s Easel. With these two functional sides this easel is great for entertaining two kids at once but with each side as fun as the other you may find it takes a while to decide who’s going to use the chalkboard and who will use the whiteboard.

The Mocka Kids Easel is the perfect way to encourage your children to create, learn and play.

Mocka Kids Easel


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