Mocka’s Modern Vintage Styling

16th Oct 2020

Modern vintage is a favourite trend for children’s bedrooms this year however; some people can find it hard to create a space that seamlessly works both past and present pieces together. The modern vintage interiors trend allows you to accentuate and highlight the decorative features on vintage pieces while keeping the space fresh and contemporary. Adding vintage pieces into a modern home can create a spectacular space that is fun and inviting for family and friends. When introducing vintage pieces into a modern bedroom it’s important to blend both eras together through your styling. To make a vintage bed look modern add a fun and colourful printed bedspread, contemporary cushions and drape a throw over the bed end. These small décor pieces will enhance the vintage elements of the bed and keep the room looking bright and lively. When styling the modern vintage look into your home, try not to overdo the amount of vintage pieces that you add to the space. Too many vintage pieces can drown out the modern feel of the room and make the space feel, cluttered and incoherent. Vintage pieces also work best as statement pieces, so keep them to a minimum to really impact the space. When matching modern furniture with vintage finds try to create complementary sets using colour. Mix and match a bright vintage bed with a sleek white contemporary bedside table or pair a modern white desk with a vintage timber chair. With the right products and advice you too can create a beautiful modern vintage bedroom for your child.Vintage Children's Bedrooms  

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