Mocka’s Playhouse Makes the Perfect Present

15th Oct 2020

It’s getting very close to Christmas and your children have probably started to let you know about all of the cool toys they want underneath the tree on Christmas day. Their wish lists are full and ready to be sent off to the North Pole to be checked by Santa. One present that always seems to be at the top of their lists is a playhouse. However, most playhouses are bulky, expensive and usually require an army of people to construct and a million rolls of wrapping paper to disguise!

Arriving just in time for Christmas delivery are Mocka’s new Playhouses. Available in a Pink Cottage or Blue Castle design, both styles are guaranteed to excite your child’s wild imagination and keep them occupied for hours. Your children will jump for joy on Christmas day when they rip through the brightly coloured Christmas wrapping to find their very own playhouse. We’ve found that toddlers love our new Playhouse just as much as the big kids.

Mocka’s Playhouses make a perfect portable cubby house or castle for your little ones. They are small enough to be transported to and from the beach, park and friends or relatives houses without being a hassle. Simply disassemble the metal framing and pack away into the storage bag that is included.

Made from 100% cotton Mocka’s Playhouses are soft enough for your children but strong enough to be used for inside and outside play. The Playhouses soft mesh windows (great for ventilation while keeping those pesky flies out) and roll up flap doors allow for the breeze to flow through ensuring your children can play all day long.

Mocka is helping you to make your children’s Christmas wishes come true with their new affordable and durable Playhouses. They are the perfect gift that will ignite your children’s imaginations and entertain them for hours throughout the year.

Mocka Kids Fabric Playhouse


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