Mocka’s Stacka Boxes

15th Oct 2020

No matter who you are or what you do there is most likely going to come a time in your life when you will need to store something. Whether it’s a pile of clothes, books, files or children’s toys there is a storage solution out there for almost anything.

Mocka’s new Stacka Box is a simple storage solution that will have you coming back for more. The simple design of the Stacka Box means that they are assembled together without any fixtures. Simply connect each side and bottom to each other to form a strong box.

You can store almost anything in Mocka’s Stacka Box. Never tread on nasty Lego that was left on the floor. Are you running out of room for story books? Simply stack them into a Stacka Box with the bind facing upwards to create an easy storybooks box. Are you looking to tidy up your magazine stack in the corner? Stylishly stack them in the Stacka Box for easy access. Running out of room in your office for your files? Simply stack them into a Stacka Box and stack them up for extra room.

Mocka’s Stacka Box has a stylish look which means that you don’t have to hide them away from visitors making them perfect for bedrooms, lounge rooms or even the office. If you run out of storage room simply stack another one on top.

The great idea behind Mocka’s Stacka Box isn’t the fact that they can be stacked on top of each other rather when you are not using them you can simply disassemble them for a flat pack storage option! No more plastic boxes that get in the way.

Mocka’s Stacka Boxes are durable as they are made from MDF with a laminate plywood finish. They feature a handle on each side so they can be easily moved around.

Mocka’s Stacka Box will be the most practical purchase that you will ever make and never regret!

Mocka Stacka Storage Boxes


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