Mocka’s Top 5 Tips on Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

15th Oct 2020

Flat pack furniture is a convenient and cost effective way to furnish your home. People think that putting together a flat pack should be left to carpenters, cabinet makers, a handyman or tradesmen. Mocka’s instruction manuals are thorough and detailed, helping you to construct your flat pack furniture or toys with ease. Mocka have also put together a range of tips that will make your life even easier when using Mocka’s instruction manuals to put together your furniture or toys.

Tip 1: Read through the instruction manual thoroughly before you begin. This will allow you to gain a good understanding of what is required of you to assemble the piece of furniture or toy.

Tip 2: Go through and make sure every part that you need to assemble your flat pack is available. This will allow you to understand what parts you have available and reduce stress as you will know what parts you need for each step.

Tip 3: Lay out the flat pack pieces and group together the pieces that are required to be assembled for each step. This will help to make assembling your piece of furniture or toy a faster process.

Tip 4: Make sure you put all the pieces together with the fasteners without tightening them. This makes it easier to check that everything is correct and makes it easier to disassemble or adjust the piece if it is wrongly fastened.

Tip 5: Once you have checked that all of the pieces are in their correct positions, tighten and enjoy your new piece of furniture or toy without the dramas and frustration of having wrongly assembled piece.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to organise your flat pack furniture or toy pieces before you assemble them but it will reduce the time and stress of putting together a flat pack. Enjoy your flat pack furniture or toys quicker with Mocka’s top 5 tips.

Mocka's top 5 tips on assembling flat pack furniture and toys


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