Mocka’s Two Tone Wire Baskets

16th Oct 2020

Mocka have introduced new on trend Wire Baskets to their range of décor. With 5 colours to choose from there is sure to be a set of Wire Baskets the will work well with your décor.

Not only are wire baskets on trend in interiors at the moment but they are multi-functional pieces of décor to have in your home. You can use them in any room in the house to store almost anything from throws and pillows to toys, towels, firewood, potted plants and magazines. You can even convert one into a table by turning the basket upside down and securing a round table top on top of the basket.

You can have a lot of fun with Wire Baskets and use them to decorate your home in many ways. For a different look try a bit of DIY and create two tone wire baskets. You can use any colours that you wish and it’s a great way to incorporate colour into a room.

To create a two tone basket you will need:

1 x Set of Mocka Wire Baskets

1 x Can of spray paint in your desired colour

Masking tape or packaging tape

Measuring tape



  1. Measure a desired point to where you want your two tone to end on each basket. We have chosen 5 inches for the small basket, 7 inches for the medium basket and 9 inches for the large basket. All measurements are taken from the bottom of the basket. Take your pencil and mark the point on each piece of vertical wire on the basket.
  2. Take small pieces of masking tape and tape around each vertical piece of wire where you have made your marks. Ensure that the horizontal pieces of wire above your marks are also covered with masking tape to prevent overspray hitting them. This will give you a clean finish after spray painting.
  3. Spray paint the bottom half of your basket with your chosen colour and ensure that the area is completely covered in the colour.
  4. Allow to dry before removing the masking tape.
  5. Once dry remove the masking tape and styling into your home.

You can style your new two tone baskets into any room in your house. Enjoy a bit of DIY fun and customise your wire baskets to match the existing décor in your home.Wire Baskets


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