More than a Cubby, it’s an Art House

15th Oct 2020

Getting children to do art is not a hard chore. It’s one of the most rewarding activities your children can do as it helps them to develop imperative life skills and you reap the benefit of receiving a beautiful irreplaceable painting.

The benefits of children creating art are more profound than it simply being an entertaining activity. Children that create art expand their capabilities of interacting with people and their surroundings. According to art author and educator Maryanne Kohl, creating art helps with the development of the right side of the brain, increasing vital life skills such as communication and self-expression. It’s a fundamental element in helping your children to grow.

Here at Mocka we create an amazing array of children’s toys that are designed to entertain the little ones and get their imaginations running wild. However, our Art House is the most interactive product we have made for kids.

The Mocka Art House is a life size cardboard cubby house for kids. It is the cheapest and easiest way to provide your children with their own portable cubby house with an added bonus; hours of creativity and entertainment included. The Mocka Art House will keep your children entertained for hours painting, drawing, sticking and creatively decorating the inside and outside of their own cubby. The unique design ensures every inch of it can be decorated including doors and windows. It also makes a great birthday party activity that is guaranteed to entertain and please a crowd.

When buying the Art House you can rest at ease knowing that you are purchasing an environmentally friendly product. The Mocka Art House is made out of 100% recycled cardboard. Once your children have outgrown it or if it has seen better days simply place it in the recycling bin.

The Mocka Art House is not only popular with parents and children; it has also received a lot of attention from the media. Keeley the editor of Coast Kids GC magazine loved the concept of the Mocka Art House so much that she featured it in the August issue (page 9).

Whether its painting, playing or creating the Mocka Art House is sure to entertain your children for hours and keep them out of mischief while improving their developmental skills. It's money well spent if you ask us.

Kids love decorating their own Mocka Art House


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