No Counting Sheep to Sleep in Mocka’s Bed

15th Oct 2020

When it’s time for your kids to hit the hay make sure it’s in a Mocka bed. Mocka’s new Brooklyn Single Bed is a stylish way to get your children off to sleep and dreaming of wonderful things. Its contemporary style ensures it will complement the existing décor in any child’s room or can be easily styled tailoring to any children’s or teenager’s favourite colours or themes.

Sleep is the way the body rest, recovers and rejuvenates for the new day. For children and teenagers, sleep is vital for their growing and developing bodies and minds. Therefore, it is important to provide your children with the most comfortable night’s sleep to ensure they maintain a strong body and a focused mind.  Mocka’s Brooklyn Single Bed is a contemporary designed bed that is suitable for children of any age or gender.  Made from MDF with a sturdy pine slat base, the Brooklyn Single Bed is strong enough to support your children as they grow.

The smooth white finish of the Brooklyn Single Bed will complement your children’s current room décor and will seamlessly match any changes your children make as they grow into their teens. Styling the Brooklyn Single Bed is easy as its sleek contemporary design complements bright colours and patterns for a fun and youthful look. If your teenagers are after a more mature style, the Brooklyn Single Bed can be styled with sophisticated colours for a classy and contemporary look.

If you’re looking for a bedside table to match, Mocka’s Post Box 3 will add a bright and bold statement to any kid’s room. For teenagers, Mocka’s Brooklyn Bedside Table seamlessly complements the Brooklyn Single Bed. It can be styled to suit your children’s desired looks, while providing loads of storage space for their bits and pieces.

Your children will love Mocka’s Brooklyn Single Bed, and its contemporary but versatile design will ensure it will easily adapt to your children’s style as they grow into their teenage years.  Its sturdy base will support your children and ensure it outlast them until their next bed upgrade.

Mocka Brooklyn Single Bed


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