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  • How To Style a House On a Budget

    How To Style a House On a Budget

    Christmas is less than 7 weeks away (eek!). As we come into the holiday rush, we often not only have more guests arriving in our homes, but also money practically flying out of our accounts.  So if you want to get your house holiday-guest ready by doing a little style boost (but don’t want to break the bank in the process), then check out our guide on how to style your home on a budget!

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  • How to Nail the Retro Look with Mocka

    How to Nail the Retro Look with Mocka

    There is a common theme in trends (whether fashion, interior or design) and that is that the old seems to become new again. This is probably a trend within itself and it isn’t really surprising. Humans are generally a sentimental lot and current generations looking to the past (to their grandparents and parents eras and, ultimately, to their childhood) when decorating their homes is not a giant leap. It is a way for people to externalise their memories and history in a more personal way. Retro design is inspiring a new kind of modern home - one that pairs contemporary with nostalgia – to create unique and ultra-personal homes. So if you love retro inspired homes, we have our guide to nail the retro look with some key Mocka pieces.

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  • Three Things Your Kids Need This Spring

    three things your kids need this spring

    Our favourite time of year is in full swing, warming us up and easing us out of winter hibernation. Spring feels like such an abundant season and often gets people hitting the ground running (all the way to the festive season!). With some new Spring energy inspiring us, we have put together a list of the four things your kids need this Spring so they can make the most out of this lovely season.

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  • A Guide to Mocka's Highchairs

    A Guide to Mocka's Highchairs Next to the cot, the highchair is one of those fun items you get to buy when preparing for the arrival of your new baby. Watching their faces (and funny expressions!) as they try new foods for the first time is always special. However, when you start looking for your new highchair, you often find there are so many out there, it is hard to know which is the best highchair for you. To keep the fun going, we present a quick guide to our Mocka highchairs to make your decision that little bit easier.  Continue reading

  • Beat the Boredom with these Mocka Products

    beat the boredom

    As school holidays have either begun or are approaching, many of us have tots, toddlers and kids around to keep entertained. One of the biggest battles can be against boredom, so with this in mind we have put together our best boredom-hacker products to ensure holiday fun is always on the itinerary. Check them out!

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  • Four Ways to Style the Mocka Postboxes


    At Mocka, we love furniture that is both practical and funky – and we couldn’t think of two better words to describe our Mocka Post Boxes. We love the stylish yet fun design elements these beauties add to a room, which is why we think everyone should have one in their home. Check out how you can style a Mocka Post Box in your home today!

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  • How to Acheieve Great Monochrome Styling

    creating great monochrome style

    Monochrome interior style has become something of a movement in 2016 – especially if you trawl through Instagram and Pintrest. As our lives become busier and the world more chaotic, our homes become a refuge – which is why this simple, minimalistic style has inspired so many people. However, Monochromatic styling can be a little misunderstood. Many people think monochrome is strictly stark black and white and all about high contrast. And while this colour scheme and theme is certainly a focal component of the style, monochrome is really more akin to ‘ombre’ – as in working from a base colour and merging varying shades, tints and hues of that colour to create cohesion. One thing is for sure, Monochrome looks amazing and creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere in a room. Check out our guide to creating monochrome style in your home.

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  • Top Three Tips For Choosing a Balance Bike

    how to choose a balance bike

    If you can remember your first bike, then you may remember that new-wheel-feeling of freedom. The wind in your hair and your legs pumping as you tried to go as fast as you can. With Mocka Balance Bikes kids as young as two can enjoy this same feeling, which may be why they are still proving to be as popular as ever. However, many Mocka fans find it hard to know which bike is the right bike for their child. So with this in mind, we present our top three tips on choosing a balance bike so you can ensure your child is riding in style and with ease. Check them out!

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  • How to Style the Cork Deco Range

    how to style the cork deco slider

    Already set to be one of ‘the’ interior trends in 2017, cork is beginning to filter onto walls and into homewares and furniture pieces both online and in magazines. Our Cork Deco Range is a stunning fusion of modern and retro design, incorporating cork into its inherent style and appeal. To help you stay a step ahead of the rest on this newest interior trend, we have put together a few tips on how to style our Cork Deco Range in your home.

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  • Lighting in Interior Design

    lighting in interior design'

    Whether you are building a new home or redecorating a much-loved one, lighting decisions are often left to the last minute or not given much consideration at all. This can be a big mistake. Lighting in a home not only creates ambience, comfort and aesthetics, it also ensures rooms are functional and equipped for the tasks for which they were designed. Check out our basic how and why of interior lighting to help you make the brighter choices when it comes to lighting your home.

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