Products To Suit Every Child

16th Oct 2020

Products To Suit Every Child

Every child is different and as such learns, plays and grows differently too. One of the best things about children is seeing them become their own person with individual loves, opinions, idiosyncrasies and talents.

We all want to nourish our little ones in finding themselves, which is why we at Mocka have complied some must-have items to help them on their way!

For The Adventurer

For the girls and boys who love to explore the big, wide world, there is nothing better on their adventures than a set of wheels. Our Balance Bikes, Scooters, Wheelbarrows and Wagons have them covered. With loads of colours and designs to choose from, your adventurous child will find plenty to satisfy!

For The Animal Lover

If your child loves anything furry or with more than two legs, you might just have an animal lover on your hands. Give your child a playmate with an Ernie the ElephantLarry the Lamb or a Hobby Horse. A great new friend for our animal lovers!

For The Creative Soul

If your artistic child loves nothing better than do paint, draw or create, we have the answer. Inspire your future artist with an Art House, Easel or Activity Table – the perfect surfaces for designing masterpieces!

For The Introvert

For the quiet, reflective girl or boy, a Teepee or Playhouse is a must. They will love a space to retreat to on their own or with their closest friends.


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