Rock a Bye Baby

15th Oct 2020

Rocking your baby is an instinctive sensory need that is an important component from birth through to their developmental stages. The rocking motion is a calming and soothing motion that aids babies and young children’s sensory system.

Much emphasis has been placed on rocking babies that almost every piece of furniture and equipment used in babies first months of growth is centred on rocking. From the moment babies are born they are rocked in their parent’s arms to calm, sooth and encourage them to sleep. Most nursing chairs are designed with a rocking motion that aids in calming babies during nursing and from there, babies are placed into rockers which help to settle them when they are upset or ease them off to sleep.

Mocka understands the need and importance of rocking a baby. They design many products that aid babies sensory systems and developmental skills throughout their growth periods. Starting from newborns, Mocka’s Asta Chair helps mums to calm and nurse their baby off to sleep.  With its gentle tilt in the back rest and comfortable padding, it will subtly relax your baby.

Mocka’s Rocker is perfect for newborn to six month old babies. Available in four wonderful colours, the Mocka Rocker is a perfect way to create that soothing and rocking motion and is sure to calm and lull your baby off to sleep.

Once your baby is up and moving around you can still aid their sensory system by providing your baby with a rocking horse. The calming back and forth motion that a rocking horse provides will help to relax your baby throughout the day. It is also a great tool to assist in developmental skills such as balance, coordination and imagination. Mocka’s classic style rocking horse is a contemporary toy that can become a fond childhood memory and passed down to siblings. It will not only provide your baby with hours of entertainment, it will also help to support your baby’s inner health. With a little help from you and Mocka, your baby will be rocking it all day long.

Mocka Rockinghorse Bouncer Chair


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