Role-playing with Mocka Suitcase Play Sets

15th Oct 2020

Role-playing is an important activity that children should be encouraged to do. When children role-play they use their imaginations to transform them into something or someone else. Role-playing allows children to explore and engage in various scenarios, activities, emotions and places. It is a highly stimulating activity that has profound positive effects on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

Mocka’s Suitcase Play Sets help your children to transform into imaginative characters and wholeheartedly take on their role-playing characters. There are four sets to choose from that include all of the essential dress up accessories to get your child into character and ready to explore new worlds.

Your child can become a dentist with Mocka’s Dental Kit Suitcase Play Set. This Play Set includes all of the essential dental equipment including instruments, toothbrush, wooden mouth model, toothpaste, mask and cap. Your child can gain extensive learning benefits from this fun Play Set and they will love checking their patients teeth and teaching them how to brush properly. Playing with this Play Set can teach your child the importance of oral health and brushing their teeth. It can also help them to explore and overcome their fears of visiting the dentist or they can role-play the social aspects of being a dentist and communicating with patients.

The Fairy Dress Up and Pirate Dress Up Suitcase Play Sets are great for sparking your child’s imagination. Both of the Play Sets include costume essentials and accessories that will help your child to get into character. Your child will love exploring new worlds and engaging in various scenarios and situations through imaginative play. They might be searching for lost treasure on a deserted island or exploring beautiful fairy palaces in a mystical wonderland. Role-playing will help to develop your child’s imagination and will encourage them to overcome situations and solve problems.

Mocka’s Cosmetic Suitcase Play Set is one that your little girl will enjoy. Combine it with their dress ups for an additional element of play. The set comes complete with lipstick, mirror, hair brush, makeup palette, perfume and a metal carry case to keep it altogether. Your child will love getting ready for a ball or doing their dolls makeup and hair. This play set will help to enhance your child’s creativity, imagination and communication.

Regardless of which Suitcase Play Set your child role-plays with, they will enjoy using their imagination to explore various worlds and act out exciting scenarios. It will aid in their intellectual developmental and social skills every time they role-play, allowing them to build vital skills essential for their schooling and adult years.


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