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15th Oct 2020

Family homes are busy places usually filled with kids, toys, pets and more. When your home becomes untidy it’s easy to pick up all of the pieces, shove them into the closest cupboard and quickly shut the door before it all falls out on top of you, the ‘out of sight out of mind’ trick. Mocka understands the need for smart storage solutions that make it easier to keep your home tidy and maximise the space that you have. Below are three smart storage solutions that are designed to increase your living areas by making use of unused spaces.

Mocka Bed Box These very handy storage boxes will add an immense amount of storage space to your kid’s rooms. They’re great for storing toys, shoes, books, blankets, seasonal clothes and more. The caster wheels on the bottom of the box make it easy to access them from underneath the bed. It’s solid and streamline design will fit under most beds making it the most functional way of storing anything under the bed.  The Mocka Bed Box turns a common unused storage space into an accessible, stylish and smart storage solution, helping you to keep your kids bedrooms neat and tidy.

Mocka Jimmy Stand The Mocka Jimmy Stand is a smart storage solution that can be used in any room in the home and for multiple purposes. The Jimmy Stand makes a perfect shoe rack that can be placed at the bottom of your wardrobe, near the front door or out in the garage. Instead of chucking your shoes in a pile or dumping them in the bottom of your closet, place them neatly on the Jimmy Stand. You will never have to hunt for the missing shoe again and it will keep your entrance or closet looking neat and organised.  The Jimmy stand can also be used in bathrooms for towels and toilet paper rolls, in the kid’s rooms for school bags, shoes and sports equipment or in the study for printers, papers and stationary. There are endless uses for the Mocka Jimmy Stand.

Mocka Adult Tree Hanger Add unique style to your home with an Adult Tree Hanger. The Adult Tree Hanger is a functional and contemporary coat rack that will keep your home neat and organised. It is perfect for busy families. Hang jackets, bags, hats, umbrellas and more from the branches. Everything will be ready for you to grab on the go. It’s easy to place anywhere around the home and its contemporary design will match with any décor.

These three smart storage solutions from Mocka are designed to keep your home tidy and organised. Maximise your space by using these storage solutions that make use of unused spaces.

Mocka Smart Storage Solutions


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