Spring Cleaning Tips

15th Oct 2020

The weather is warming up and Christmas is on the horizon, this only means one thing, yes you guessed it; spring has arrived. It’s said that spring is the best time of the year to clean your home. We understand that the large task of preparing your home for the holiday season isn’t the most desirable job. To make this job easier, we have provided four spring cleaning tips that will save you time and help you to get the job done quicker.

Tip 1: Cleaning out cupboards and drawers 

Cleaning out cupboards and drawers can be a tedious task. To make it easy, grab a basket and place all of the contents from the cupboard or drawer into the basket.  Grab your vacuum and use the nozzle to suck up any crumbs, hair, dirt and grit. This will make it easier for you to wipe out each cupboard or drawer with a damp cloth. If you find it hard to get into the corners, use a paint brush to flick out the dirt that gets caught in them.

Tip 2: Cleaning window tracks

This is one of the most painful cleaning jobs as the small crevasses make it hard to clean them thoroughly. If you are finding it hard to clean your window tracks use a thin paint brush that easily fits into them. Grab a small bucket of soapy water, a paint brush and a cloth. Wet your paint brush and run it along the tracks. Repeat this until you have cleaned the dirt from your tracks and then dry it with your cloth.

Tip 3: Tidying

The easiest and quickest way to tidy your home is to grab a washing basket and pick up all of the bits and pieces lying around your home. Then go into each room in your home and take out the pieces that belong in that room. Repeat this with every room until your washing basket is empty. This will save you from wasting time walking back and forth to every room in your home.

Tip 4: Cleaning your walls and doors

You might find mould on the walls and doors especially after a damp winter. However, most people think that they have to use a sponge and a ladder to do this job. The easiest and quickest way to wash your walls is with a flat mop. Firstly, protect your floors and cover them with drop sheets. Then use sugar soap or a wall wash alternative and soak the flat mop head in the water. Ring it out, place the mop head onto the mop and run it up and down the walls and doors a few times. This is a more efficient and less strenuous way to wash down your walls and doors.

Do you have some great cleaning tips that make the job easier and more efficient? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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