Stylist of the Month – Kyree Meagher

16th Oct 2020

Stylist of the Month – Kyree Meagher

Based in Western Australia, Kyree Meagher is Mocka’s Stylist of the Month whose passions lie in interior styling and photography. Using her natural styling abilities and eye for detail as a driving force in her new interior styling career, Kyree has garnered a worldwide following for her simple yet impactful styling. Throughout her home build, Kyree has given her followers an insight into her interior styling techniques using her new home as a blank canvas to create beautiful spaces using a range of Mocka products.

Mocka’s Hudson Bar Stools are a stand out feature in Kyree’s kitchen. The sleek and contemporary design of these stools offset the crisp neutral palette and simple elements in her kitchen, creating a cohesively styled space to enjoy.

stylist of the month miss kyree kitchen

Kyree relishes in recreating styled spaces and loves to move her Mocka products around regularly. Their versatile and functional design allows them to be styled in various ways to add unique and eye catching style to each room.

To change up the look of her home Kyree uses her Jimmy Stand to create different vignettes using various trinkets and ornaments from around her home. Candles, towels, artwork, storage bags and ornaments are just some of the many objects that Kyree uses to add height and eye catching style to a corner in her home. Layering items such as magazines, books and throw rugs create depth and height making each Jimmy Stand styling unique and interesting. Kyree believes the more cluttered your Jimmy Stand styling is, the better it looks.

stylist of the month miss kyree 3

Similar to the Jimmy Stand, the Maya Trio is a piece that Kyree restyles constantly and moves around her home to recreate many beautiful styled spaces. The versatility of these products allows Kyree to add style to any space in her home including the laundry, bathroom, bedroom and living area.

stylist of the month miss kyree 2

Kyree believes that you can’t go wrong when it comes to styling your Mocka products and that you should never doubt your ability to create a beautiful space. Kyree suggest working with the design of the products, styling them with a theme in mind and adding your own unique touch to enhance the overall look of your home.

To view Kyree Meagher’s work and blog visit Miss Kyree Loves.


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