Stylist of the Month - Natalie Bois

16th Oct 2020

Stylist of the Month - Natalie Bois

Designing a balanced space for the interiors of your home is a task easier said than done. However, our stylist of the month, Natalie Bois has it pretty sorted - from children’s bedrooms all the way through to living areas.

As an Interior Stylist, not the mention the Director of Milka Interiors, Natalie has a breadth of experience in crafting a look and feel for rooms, befitting of her client’s lifestyles. Her bedrooms for children are a testimony to her skills in aesthetically showcasing personality whilst keeping practicality in mind.

As our Stylist of the Month, Natalie has shown us how she’s using some of our favourite Mocka products. This includes the Basse Table, Pox Box 3, Hang It All, Maya Ladder Shelf and Jesse Low Sideboard. We love what she has done, and here are her top four tips for adding these items to your own home!

Post Box - Shop Now

1. Be selective with colour

When styling an item like the Post Box in a bedroom avoid mixing too many colours. Remember, balance is the key to simple styling. So selective and introduce a two or three colour combo. The Mocka Post Box has a simple, timeless design and array of colours make it an easy piece to style. It's also a wonderful storage solution that gives a streamlined look to any space.

Maya Ladder & Hang It All - Shop Now

2. Don't let it date

When sourcing products for children’s spaces choose pieces that are affordable and will last the transition from baby to a toddler without dating. The Maya Ladder Shelf and the Hang It All are fun yet classic pieces that are functional in many spaces including the bedroom, playroom, entrance and bathroom.

Basse Table - Shop Now

3. Less is more

The Basse Table is a great piece for capturing a classic and refined Scandinavian feel. But rather than jamming your coffee table full of ornaments and knickknacks, pick a few main 'wow' items that reflect your style. This will create a minimal look and your space feel clean and uncluttered.

Jesse Low - Shop Now

4. Use height to balance

The Jesse Low Sideboard is perfect for showcasing statement objects in your lounge and living areas. When styling the Jesse Low Sideboard use objects that are different heights, scale and shapes. This will help to create balance and flow throughout the space and give the room a calming ambience.

Milka Interiors is based in Melbourne, Australia. Milka Interiors Virtual Design Service (E-Design) means they can design completely via email and phone – at a fraction of the price. To see more their work in action head to or follow them here on Facebook & Instagram.


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