Stylist Picks by Wonderland Interiors

16th Oct 2020

Stylist Picks by Wonderland Interiors

For a little guidance on which primo products can be used to create a gorgeous kids bedroom, we enlisted the help of Kiah from Wonderland Interiors. Kiah has styled three unique bedrooms and provided us with her top stylists picks to help you ‘get the look’.

For the wall

Mocka Floating Shelves are wonderfully sleek and simple with no visible screws or mounts. With these beauties, you won’t have to worry about the shelf overshadowing the gorgeous products on the shelf.

get the look 1

get the look 1 productsCrochet Pouffe, Jordi Desk, Shadow Boxes, Sonata Bed, Floating Shelf

For the bedroom

Ernie the Elephant is a must-have for all kids bedrooms. Colourful and fun, Ernie makes for a unique side table that also doubles as a ride! What could be better than that?

get the look 2

get the look 2 products

Felt Ball Garlands, Jesse Bedside Cabinet, Paint Art, Ernie the Elephant, Sonata Bed, Kids Tree Hanger

For the Kids

get the look 3

get the look 3 products

Felt Ball Garlands, Floating Shelf, Teepee Cushions, Cross Teepee, Sonata Bed, Felt Basket


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