The Benefits of Wooden Toys

15th Oct 2020

Wooden toys have been a favourite toy choice for children for centuries due to the large developmental benefits that they provide to children. They have come a long way from the traditional hobby horse, rocking horse and toy blocks and now include a variety of fun toys that your child will adore. Below are three ways that wooden toys can benefit your child.

Stimulate children’s imaginations

Wooden toys are fantastic for stimulating your child’s wild imagination. Due to their inability to make electronic sounds or produce bright electronic images they encourage children to use their imagination, helping them to engage in creative thinking and role playing.


You will find that most wooden toys will get passed down in the family and kept throughout generations. Wooden toys have this ability to form special and memorable relationships with a child and the entire family. Due to their durability, wooden toys generally get passed down to siblings creating many shared family memories that make the toy special.

Developmental benefits

Wooden toys provide great developmental benefits to children. By giving your child toys where they have to manually push, pull, turn and press it encourages them to interacting and engage with the toy rather than pressing one button that does the rest for them. This allows your child to further develop their fine and gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination, imagination and problem solving abilities.

Mocka design a range of wooden toys that provide many fundamental benefits to children. From advancing a child’s gross motor skills using their ride on toys including their Balance Bikes, Box Cart or Ride on Truck or encouraging them to think creatively and use their imagination with their great range of Wooden Play Sets, Moova’s or their Block Trolley.

There are many benefits to giving your child wooden toys to play with. Enjoy the fun and creativity that wooden toys will bring to your child’s life.


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